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About Pete Mitchell

Pete Mitchell

Pete Mitchell started the production company back before JPM’s incorporation in 1979 when, as an EMT, he witnessed the lack of hands-on training being provided for emergency response agencies. Pete oversees all functions of the company and takes an immersive approach to all productions and training programs to include consulting and providing training to his clients on all facets of MCI training and testing. Whether the client requests a live show to include stunts, special effects, makeup and character development, or a realistic training scenario and implementation to meet the needs of the department, agency or corporation with whom JPM has been hired to work, Pete is on site, working with his client to maximize the overall training and educational experience.


 Basic and advanced graduate Emergency Vehicle Operations

Basic and advanced graduate California Superbikes School – Road Atlanta

Nationally licensed Starter for SCCA-Sports Car Club of America

Georgia Certified Emergency Medical Technician – 2469

Instructor P.O.S.T. Medical courses – First Responder

Adjunct Instructor-North Central Georgia Law Enforcement Academy – High Risk/Low Risk Felony Pullovers, Search and Seizure, and Arrest Procedures

Cobb County CERT makeup Director

Instructor – Georgia Fire Academy – HAZ-MAT

Instructor Lecturer – Public Safety and the Media (8-40 hour course)

Composite and Forensic Sketch Artist

Adjunct Instructor – Crime Scene and Homicide investigation (Setting and portraying the Crime Scene), Mechanics of Arrest-practical examination

Certified Crime Scene Investigator

Certified in Field Sobriety and Oleoresin Capsicum Weapons

Infectious Control Committee member – CCEMS

Forensic Photographer – Nikon

1994-95 Who’s Who International

Agent for S. Claus, Kris Kringle…

Outstanding Accomplishments

Makeup Artist for “Invasion USA” starring Chuck Norris. Worked with Tom Savini, widely recognized makeup artist on this film. Pete also directed a disaster scene in this movie.

Makeup Artist for Alice Cooper, musician and performer.

Worked with Joe Blasco Cosmetics to create a new blue makeup named “JPM Blue,” which is used in creating bruising effects.

Top Selling makeup DVD (Special Trauma®) with Makeup Artist magazine – an industry leader in makeup applications.