Making your events, a REALITY

Disaster Production Services

Disaster Production Services

Pete Mitchell created JPM Productions, Inc. was because the training he received as an EMT was lacking. Instructors used a full-sized mannequin for students to relate and treat “patients”. In search of a better learning method Pete took his skills from working on ‘the streets’, his makeup applications from Halloween and applied it to training methods for doctors, nurses and medics so that medical professionals could have a realistic hands-on learning experience. The outcome is a much more realistic training devise that provides results and leads to better performance in their occupations. When called upon, JPM provides educated performers, Emmy award winning makeup “Special Trauma”, color coordinated blood and scenes that have been described as “too realistic.  JPM details those life changing images by recreating explosions, fire balls, stunts, makeup wardrobe and set design of a crisis situation.


JPM provides in-house educational and orientation videos for its popular Halloween productions and training for performers (cast), corporations, and emergency groups as well as providing simulations. Instead of critique and evaluators that can be opinionated, JPM utilizes video cameras in different areas of the responding ICS system and operation, thus providing a real time  table of events and the overall outcome and the progress of the event.