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Halloween Production Services

Halloween Production Services

In 1972, Pete Mitchell officially got involved with Halloween starting work at Blood Mansion, a Jaycee Haunted House. Learning the art of the scare, room presentation, costuming and makeup, the non-profit operation was the most successful haunted attraction in the country. Makeup skills learned here led Pete to develop “Special Trauma” applications which proved useful from his EMS training. This application garnered him a National Academy Arts and Sciences “EMMY” award nomination (4 times) winning the award for television news presentations featuring his aftermath makeup skills. Emergency training came around full circle as people learned of his makeup abilities and hired Pete to create Halloween “characters” for CNN, The Limelight and hundreds of television and newspaper columns across the nation and the world. PR firms would hire Pete and his makeup team to apply these effective yet long-lasting applications for Halloween promotions and to discuss Safety and how-to applications live “on the air.”


Six Flags then hired JPM to provide these applications for their park in Atlanta at Six Flags Over Georgia! The relationship here has lasted since 1986 as JPM Productions, Inc. “The Creature Crew®” has brought its management and production services to Atlanta, Chicago, St. Louis, Houston, Dallas, Seattle, Denver Hot Springs, and attractions and events across the country. Fright Fest is known as one of the BEST Halloween events in the country! The Creature Crew also produced Ghost Tours at Kemper Center, Wisconsin’s most haunted mansion, The Kemper Center located in Kenosha Wisconsin.


Now, JPM consults, produces, and lectures about its expertise in this highly profitable holiday event business. Safety, creativity problem-free management, and training style puts JPM in a class of its own… turning Nightmares into reality!


And where did the Creature Crew® come from? JPM was doing disasters and emergency response training. We were given the moniker of The Masters of Disasters and the Disaster FX team by the CBS Evening News with Dan Rather. Well, hard to use the Disaster FX team for Halloween so the team became the crew… The Creature Crew®, and the rest is history!